How does social media help your novel be found?

Rekindling Connections is now on it’s first ever blog tour with @Brookcottagebooks. Looking at how social media can work for the self published I am keen to know more. So many people swear by it extending the virtues of Twitter fans and Facebook pal’s not to mention pinterest the new in your face poster board.

I am on this vibrant station. Love the inspiration boards and have sat in on many a preview webinar to learn the basics but it is still one social media craft I have never got far with. Got some lovely creative boards but to sell via no, I need to dig deeper here. What I want is the hard facts of how people actually use these platforms for their author career? Are they Techy or had support to get someone else to walk the talk or just jumped in and learnt on the job?

Building a friendship is the key but this takes time and can be hit and miss. You might not be looking online when your mate is on. Understanding the never ending changes to analytics of google or facebook is the main reason why sometimes it means a lot of my postings just aren’t seen by the ones I really want to get through to who just might want to share my ramblings.

Of course I won’t give up going global takes time ha, ha, I wish. But getting your novel out to the millions particularly abroad to good old USA, for some reason they seem to read a mega load of books but this could be just due to the larger area for humans to inhabit. I need to look at all tactics. Allowing other more experienced companies who love reading and writing via blogging could be the help many may need. We all need a bit of critical advice of our work, although this can go either way if it is not all perfect, it can still create interest. In fact the more poor the media interest the more this can affect sales we only need to compare the 50 shades scenario. People do like to be intrigued if someone slates something where as a recommendation is semi remembered but not always taken up on.

Learning from trying out different media is the only way. Some times it costs but until you have a go you won’t know the result. I am wary of spending on adverts online and boosting of posts as just not sure of how the system works. In this case I do need to get advice. Many authors I know manage to build great platforms as they say and if your exploring and  introducing yourself virtually to strangers, all in the hope they take you on board, the social media friendship line is ideal.

Being of a slightly more shyer person, I cringe a little of bothering people. Some can be offended that you have said a virtual hello and dared to ask ‘fancy liking my page’ this can be taken the wrong way as an invasion of privacy. All boils down to a gentle nudge, nudge approach to engage. Get it wrong and the hackles rise. If you do it on a bad day for someone then be ready to be shot down. My learning from this is to not take it too personally and pick yourself up and knock on another door.

We all have to embrace the door to door salesman approach. For not being face to face is a blessing. I need to up the anti and feel the fear sometime. If you have found one platform better than another then leave me a comment. Any shortcuts for other authors let me know. Self-publishing is hard and they need to look at every angle how to get their own product out into the wild. It is lovely to have achieved the hardback glossy copy but selling is then the reward possibly for many.

Over the next week or two Rekindling will be filling up the timeline hopefully with some interesting blogs come on down and LIKE DARE I SAY IT MY PAGE : N Abell-Francis Author I won’t bite and just might impress you I hope. To purchase just click onto amazon and grab a chance to make your own review via kindle or novel



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