How Brave are you in trying new challenges?

Nicky Abell Francis

Having spent the last weekend at a music, surf and wakeboarding festival, all booked and decided on a whim to create the challenge of introducing my daughter to hopefully, a fun camping trip. I decided to secondly prove to her, mum can be hip and adventurous. It had me thinking work and hobbies take over our life but sometimes we need to try something different. My new business and writing now, were steps into the unknown. I have learnt a lot on the journey though needed to have some fun for this road trip learning a thing or two about myself on the way.

Challenge 1: My first aim was to put up a tent, never done this before with out the comfort of an experienced friend. Overcoming this was easy as no wind or rain to fight against and a leisurely time span of all afternoon and evening before night fall A…

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