The Art of Procrastination

I love this word being a fellow procrastinator. Sadly I have just been side tracked with twitter and ended up through delaying finishing the job, to have it wiped via my laptop closing down. More fool me. So here we are again starting from scratch. Most people assume this is through laziness but it is more from fear, nervousness or lack of confidence when we leave a chore un-tackled.

Hiding behind the written page a lot of people can feel more confident but when a job is required when you have to out yourself out there and connect verbally or presenting face to face then personal demons can set in and the chore even though needs to be done is side lined as more comfortable or interesting jobs come by.

I have to normally entice myself to do certain job that lingers on my to do list. Normally by allowing myself a treat if I tackle and complete it. Placing large bright stickers of importance can help draw my eye to it more. If all else fails I try to at least get everything in order to tackle the job and encourage myself to do maybe five min’s if it feels ok and flows, then maybe another five min’s and so on.

What you need to look at is why you are not actually completing the chore? Is it through fear and cringe factor, if so do you want to overcome this and is it really essential to be done? If not then life is too short sometimes to feel the fear and do it all the time. Give yourself a break and just wipe it off. Try a different angle or just tell yourself it isn’t the way you want to work for that subject and go back to the drawing board. Of course this is really only for work issues. Personal jobs that have to be done like your accounts ect you could be in trouble so no avoiding for ever just make the challenge a bit more exciting and it might get done sooner.

I love new ways to tackle a challenge so any new tips you use love to hear. I am writing as a self publisher and this can lack structure or deadlines, so this issue can be a right pain if you are not dedicated.  If you lucky enough to have a publishing contract then deadlines are always there and this can motivate most people to complete. Even if it means copious amounts of coffee, stimulants and working to the crack of dawn. Personally I prefer to kick myself earlier than that as not too keen on reducing myself to a frazzled individual just to complete something.

Go out now and see which areas you have procrastinated and jump on them immediately.




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