Do we choose our path or is it mapped from the start?

One subject I find fascinating, that led me into the theme behind my novel. Do we actually get a choice in which path to take in our lives? Or is this mapped out already for us? Maybe set in stone before birth. Which ever choice we do actually take, was this the only correct one?

Everybody can say, ‘I wish I’d taken the opposite route to the one I’d chosen.’ But how much better would that path have been. You just don’t know. When an option goes belly up and isn’t what we expect, this could be a job option taken or a new business venture we can always look at it really as a learning curve. The challenges we are given on that path can all enhance us to be better next time round. Which ever direction you might be taking next time round.

My other interest was how in such a vast world of individuals, you can bump into someone you know even when you might be  hundreds of miles away on the other side of the world. Weird or perfectly natural? I then posed the question do certain people we meet in our life allow us to learn  something important. These individuals can intercept our lives on several occasions. Quite by chance, sometimes with lengthy gaps or several years apart but they turn up time and time again. This could be an ex lover, work colleague or just an acquaintance. Some people call this serendipity, quaint word and nice idea. Which ever way you look at it. There must be a some mapping out for this to occur so regularly in so many lives.

If your obsessed with  maths I suppose some lengthy formula could be produced, to randomly say the chance of these repetitive meetings occurring. Too boring for me. I love the romance and excitement that these chance meetings are meant to be for you alone. That the friendship or relationship is special just for your life and learning experience. Even boring Fred, Tom or Harry if he happens to keep reappearing in your life, take note he might be bumping into you for some important nugget of information you might need. On the other hand he could just be your stalker so do reserve some judgement.

It can be comforting that however hard it might be to make a decision on something particularly if you think it will be life changing, Just consider whatever way you decide to go it may be the only choice you were meant to choose. Takes the hassle out of the decisions. If you wanted to be even more blasé why not toss a coin. Though I think some people may think this a little too light a way to decide. For some who worry and avoid decisions it maybe the only solution. So enjoy those impromptu meetings nothing is wasted. Even at the bus stop.





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