Which hero do you bond with?

As with most books there is always a lead hero, but do you always immediately connect with him. Sometimes the lesser characters may float your boat far more. This always depends on what you’re attracted to in real life. Within Rekindling Connections my first novel there are several key contenders who could take the lead role. Which is the correct one is a personal choice. I know of course being the writer who I wanted to take pole position, but my readers may think quite differently.

Number one contender is Tyler Montgomery dashing, charismatic and drop dead gorgeous. But he knows it too. For some readers this would be their ideal fantasy. We have all seen such a man in action. Women like bees to a honey pot hanging on their every sentence. The more mean and moody the more he draws you into his charm. For some this would alienate them, making him the baddie of the novel. Seeing him as frivolous to the storyline, not one to be taken seriously. But you have to remember the story can change and he too could become a better person. Taking up the honest good role that most readers prefer for their hero. Time will tell and you may have to read the sequel to come. Or he may just get worse with age as most men can do. Your personal life story will take over in respect to choice.

Brett Mcabe seems a much lesser hero as he slips between the chapters. Good, wholesome and kind is their more to him than we give credit. A male character like this will be more attractive to the romantic, more formal reader. The old fashioned way of looking at the lead up to a romance is a journey of seduction and friendship. To the more raunchy reader they may think his hero status is lacking power. If you have ever had a few lovers who take an age to get moving, let alone ask you out you may well bond or reject this style of hero. Ignoring him unless something dramatic has occurred. Remember it is the quiet ones that can take over when you least expect it. But then again is he there to distract you?

Our last contender is Bruce Loxley old fashioned, shy, the loser in the romantic stakes but his money and status gets him by. To many readers he is the lead hero the main character the book revolves around. Like any pack of cards there is a joker in the pack. Don’t be led into thinking all is what it seems on the page. Look behind the façade and decide genuinely does he take his rightful position correctly. Any good story will leave questions unanswered even when no sequel is to follow. The readers that fall in love with Bruce will be the diehard romancers. The underdog coming up trumps, winning through in the end. To them there is only one hero and that would be Bruce.

Looking at any story it is interesting to see how we love certain personalities. When a book is made into a film we sometimes get disappointed if the chosen actor is not what we had visualised. Our own hero is a very personal choice and some stories will disappoint others will intrigue. What it all boils down to is do we connect and imagine ourselves opposite our main hero. If you dislike everyone I doubt your finish the book. So open your mind to dabbling in a bit of variety you might like it. Don’t be led by what you have known before. There could be a new hero on the block. I know which one I fancy but I’m not divulging.

Look at your next novel you read with fresh eyes and inspect the many characters male or female. Take note of what you like or dislike about them. Give them a chance to take the lead position.


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